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What is Truth?
What is Truth?
By M.N. Fox
Hidalgo church of Christ

     The title of this article is a question that was often posed by professors in the humanities classes taken by the writer while preparing to receive a teacher's certificate.  Although these professors never adequately answered this question, it is one that deserves close attention.
     Once the writer began to study the Bible, he found that Jesus answered this question clearly in John 17:17.  In that great prayer to God, Jesus prays that his people will be sanctified by truth and then he says, "Thy word is truth".  It is obvious that when one searches for truth, he will only find it in the word of God.
     Of further importance is the statement that Jesus makes in John 12:48.  Here it is clear that the word of God will judge us in the last day.  What a fair thing this is.  Mankind has access to the word of God, that word can direct us into righteousness (that which is right), and then mankind will be judged by that word when standing at the judgment seat of Christ (Rom.14:10, II Cor. 5:10).
     In the passages cited above, it can be seen that God has provided the standard by which mankind will be judged.  Therefore mankind has an opportunity to prepare for that great event before it happens.  Those living in these great United States are without excuse if they appear at the judgment without preparation.  Bibles are available cheaply everywhere.  Unfortunately there are places in the world where this is not true.  Do you appreciate the ease of obtaining this great Book?  
     Almost everyone in this land of the free is taught to read.  Because of this, we do not have to rely upon others to tell us what God expects of us.  We can read and find out for ourselves.  Have you tried reading the Bible?  Contrary to popular belief, it is not a hard book to understand.  Paul told Timothy to rightly divide the word of truth (II Tim. 2:15)-but he told him that he would have to study to do this.
     The writer is urging each one who reads this article to consider the amount of time spent in the study of the word of God.  If you realize that you total is not good, you are urged to put some things aside that you might have time for study.  With a bit of careful examination of the manner in which time is spent, you will probably be surprised that you do, in fact, have time for study of God's word.  Once time is spent with the Bible, you will find that you desire to do more studying.  It will become so much a part of your life that you will find yourself missing it if you do not study.
     This great book-the Bible-can serve as a great help and source of strength and comfort in your life.  Spend time with it and you will see.